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barakamon, free!: eternal summer, gekkan, haikyuu!!, kuroshitsuji: book of circus, re: hamatora, sailor moon crystal, sword art online II, tokyo ghoul, zankyou no terror

ao haru ride, hirunaka no ryuusei, horimiya, magi, orange, ouran high school host club, tokyo ghoul

hime, waifu, cutie-chan,
pick up line pal, bae and my cucumber
the kaneki to my touka
the ninth to my twelfth

kaiem and rachyeol
are my otps


on a semi-hiatus
because school!!

queue will still be running!!

so if you had followed me for a long time, you would’ve known that this blog is an avatar blog but now i decided to turn it into a multi-fandom blog. still, i’ll be posting a lot of avatar stuff so don’t worry! :)

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